Testing Lab

Every incoming shipment is pre-approved by the ABS quality control laboratory prior to stocking the products in our warehouse.  We've invested over half a million dollars in QA test equipment.

This enables us to perform a battery of tests, including dimensional testing, torsional testing, drill-speed testing and visual testing.

Torque Tester

Optical Comparator

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Used to test torsional strength of screws to IFI Standards.

Measures angles and radii of fasteners.

Detects delayed failers in case hardened screws.

3D Cad Software

State of the art Solidworks 3D print software for custom drawings and print production.

Corrosion Test Chamber

Corrosion testing salt fog chamber for testing plating and extended coatings to ASTM B117 standards.

Hardness Tester

Rockwell hardness testing of bolts and nuts.

Tri-Roll Gauge

A precision instrument for measuring thread pitch.

60X Microscope

Microscope used for sample inspection for cracks and flaws.


Used for preparation of samples for testing.

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